happy {half} birthday to me!

by - 5:14 PM

So I didn't realize that it was my half birthday until my mom send me a congratulatory text at work...whatever.

It's the perfect excuse to finally show off a sheer cream dress I scored a while back. The only problem? It's sheer. Throw that sucker on over a basic black strappy dress, toss on some black peep-toe way too high heels and I'm set.

My most loyal readers will recognize that my photos look a bit different. Yeah, I upgraded. The move from bedroom to dining room was a no-brainer.

Fancy artwork? Check.
Using the flash on my camera correctly? Check.

Now if only I could figure out this pesky red-eye sit-u-ation...hmph.

Double-rings might just be my favorite new accessory! I'm also 99% positive that I'm wearing the dress backwards, but I tend to shy away from high-neck garments no matter how sheer. 


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  1. You look so beautiful, such an elegant dress.

  2. Alyssa, that's such a gorgeous dress on you :). So funny your mom remembers your half birthday, I've already been dreading my upcoming (real) b-day next month!

  3. funny post dear. :))
    By the way I love ur outfit! <3


  4. gorgeous dress, you look amazing! thanks for your comment! i love your blog and am going to follow, i'd love for you to follow me back if you want! x x x


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