pumpkins galore

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By now you know how much I absolutely adore autumn and everything that comes along with it! This past weekend was the perfect time & lovely weather to finally get together and enjoy some classically fall activties: pumpkin pickin', jack o'lantern-makin', and pie bakin'!

Once you find the weird squash, it's official: fall is here!

Little known fact: pumpkins make the best seats.

Such lovely {and unusually} decorated pumpkins, and a nice alternative to the typical carved jack o'lanterns!

Tumblr, Pinterest and even Martha Stewart.com had loads of creative and crafty ideas for pumpkin carving and decorating to suit almost everyone's taste {and skill range}. After hours of google-ing my own ideas, I eventually settled on a bat-inspired spooky face for my pumpkin.

The source of inspiration and my attempt at free-handing it...not too shabby. 

The finished product, lights and all! The silver lining of being printerless and being unable to cut out my own stencil meant that I had to free-hand it myself. Mon dieu! Instant ego boost: it doesn't look half bad.

Although I'm convinced my jack o'lantern has a wonky eye (symmetry is overrated) I think hope she'll be a big hit come Monday night.  See how conveniently the bat wings of each eye curve out like eyelashes? This is definitely a female jack o'lantern. Jacqueline O'Lantern? You decide.

My attempt at an artists photo of my pumpkin rejects: seeds & bat-shaped eye cut-outs. 

Pie-bakin' with a pizza-stone underneath to...catch the overflow? Whoops...

In an attempt to seem domestic, I decided to bake with some of the excess pumpkin flesh (yum) to make a pie. "The perfect end to a perfect day." Apparently I should stick to the canned goods instead. At least it looks good through the oven door, amiright

happy fall, everyone! xox,

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  1. I love fall baking! Pumpkin pie is my all time fave dessert!


  2. I love Autumn... I enjoy going to a farm for apple and
    pumpkin picking, Photos are beautiful. I like the matching outfits.

    Thank you very much for your comments!
    I'm now following you via GFC; 28th follower.
    Hope you follow back, darling.


  3. Your pumpkin carving skills are better than mine! It looks so good! xoxoxoo

  4. Your blog is awesome!It's so evident that a lot of work and thought has gone into it! :)

  5. That looks really cool, lovely idea.

    Have an amazing weekend,

  6. ohh!so nice!!
    kisses pretty and have a nice halloween=)

  7. I loooooove the Chanel pumpkin!!!, how chic :) I wanna make it! :D Have a nice weekend! :) XO

  8. way cute i LOVE all of these pictures :) And i like your artistic take of the pumpkin reject stuff. ;)

  9. thanks for following, I'm following as well now! :) Don't you just love Fall. We still haven't carved pumpkins yet.. I'm thinkin we missed the boat on that one seeing as Halloween is in 2 days haha! Love your bat-faced pumpkin though. cute cute!

  10. Loving this post.

  11. I LOVE all these pictures. So pretty!

    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow, let me know and Ill be sure to follow back.


  12. aw, love autumn & I so adore this post!! We just did our pumpkin carving not too long ago, & had a blast! And I absolutely adore the design that you did on yours. xo veronika

  13. looks like fun times :) wish we got right into halloween and stuff and Australia! X

  14. soooo cool. loving the Chanel pumpkin ;)


  15. Love this post! I especially love the pic of everyone sitting on the pumpkins wearing the same shirts! I made that Chanel pumpkin last year for Halloween, it was cute but SO hard to cut out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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