friday finds: nautical stripes

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Have I mentioned that I LOVE fall?! Well, I do. A lot. There's nothing better than crisp fall weather and needing to bundle up in cozy sweaters. Today's pick is a lovely Ralph Lauren navy and white striped sweater. I picked up this beaut for $2.99 on my latest thrifting spree and haven't taken it off since!

The obligatory price-tag shot. Is there some official price-tag writer? Every tag has the same handwriting, so I'm thinking some poor soul's 9 to 5 job consists of writing out price tags. I'm envisioning a dimly light office with stacks of price tags and a daily email: "Hey Employee X, we're going to need twelve-thousand $2.99s, five hundred $9.99s and a dozen of $12.99s. See what you can get done by lunchtime."

I mean, whoever is trusted with this task has got to be battling hand cramps on a daily basis. And what about the shoes?!  I have so many questions, you guys.

I like this sweater with a pair of super flared, dark wash Hudson jeans. (Another thrift find, no biggie.) I'm going through a serious navy phase right now, and it just seemed to work.

Pardon the less than thrilled look on my face; the best models are often the most melancholy, right?

Close up shot of the logo. (I'm a self-proclaimed label whore, so you'll have to get used to these.) Side note: Is Ralph Lauren royalty? I'm definitely digging the purple, red & green crown/laurel branch combo. 

A girl can never own too many stripes tops--they're always appropriate, and I think I'm finally realized why I love this one in particular. Get ready for this: they're the perfect mix of French sophistication and American classic. What's more French than stripes? Nothing! Is there anything more classical than a medium weight cotton knit sweater? I don't think so. Put the two together and what do you get? The most perfect sweater in all the land. 

Don't believe me? Rude. 

cue the inspiration board! 

What's good enough for Emma Watson, Ashley Olsen and my #spiritanimal Rachel Bilson better be good enough for your closet. What are you waiting for? Go see whose old striped sweater you can buy for under 5-bucks and turn into a classic daytime look (with the help of a patent satchel and cream scarf) or rock at nighttime with some sparkly accessories. 


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  1. I love your sweater! Haha, it is like the perfect mix of French and American :)

  2. I've been looking for a cute striped top like this! Makes me think of Paris :) Love!


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