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    With the exception of my mother, I don't know any living, breathing female who doesn't love Breakfast at Tiffany's for any number of reasons: the plot line centered around a flighty, insecure yet lovable country girl trying to make it in the BIG city; the fashionable costume design from the famed couturier Hubert Givenchy; the iconic camera shots of the Tiffany & Co. building on Fifth Avenue and the New York City library. Take your pick.

    Today's only Wednesday, so it's a given that I am having a Holly Golightly moment of my own; sleep-deprived and unwilling to become vertical before noon. (It helps that I have a orange tabby cat, to complete the picture in your mind.)

    Here are a few of my favorite Holly-inspired items that will be helping to get me through the week:

    • As an obsessive compulsive self-manicurist, I can never decide one a polish color to last me through the week, but this  lovely robins-egg blue manicure might be my new staple.
    • Any ideas on where I can snag a matching bicycle via {tm7} to take on weekend adventures?Seriously considering giving my ancient set of wheels a fresh coat in a more Tiffany-approved shade.

    • Not all sleep is created equal; I'd kill for some glamourous shut eye,  if only I had a replica of Holly's most famous nap-time accessory.

    • For those in need of some feline company, find yourself a cat of your own and give it a name! {And if you're reading this Moss House, I'll be hiding printouts around your house until you finally adopt a cat.}

    • The impractical part of me has always wanted to make my own bathtub sofa. {But I don't own a circular saw, or have the space in my home. Quel rat!}

    Be honest...how many of you have gone as Holly for Halloween at least once?


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    1. isn't that bike just fabulous!? unfortunately for me it already has an owner. even more awkward, just as i was snapping this photo the owner came up to it and was kind of perplexed! :P

      have a good week!

    2. I have the same problem with nail polish, I change my color at every 3 days.


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