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So this outfit post is a day late, but image-heavy, so you'll have to forgive me. Let's move on and I'll promise to never leave you hanging again!

Among my favorite fashionistas-turned-actresses is Kate Hudson. FYI: her mom went to my high school, so we're pretty tight.

I've always admired her off-camera style: she's a bohemian princess who is a secret label whore. Her string of on-screen roles haven't been that great, but I'll always love her as Penny Lane in Almost Famous. {Although 99% of that love can be directly linked to her fabulous jacket. Remember that jacket?}

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Pulling off as much shag fur trim as Penny Lane is quite difficult for those of us not living in the '70s. I was stoked when I came across a gorgeous tan suede jacket with white fur trim.

Drumroll please...

I am obsessed with this jacket! Not only is it in great quality, but it's got a modern fit and side pockets, all the better to keep my hands warm in the winter months.

Now for the price:

That's a sideways $29.99, pretty good for such a lovely jacket but more than I usually spend on a single piece. No worries since it was half-off everything due to Columbus Day being both a Federal Holiday and the transition between seasons. I took it upon myself to single-handedly clear out the entire store and help make room for the new shipments. #notsorry. 

GPOY: braggy cell-phone shot of my receipt. Whatta deal. 

Now onto the outfits! Channeling Penny Lane proved to be more challenging than I thought, but I ended up returning to a classic piece: my favorite cream crochet shift dress. 

Any fashionista knows the well-received rule: Never show too much skin! I layered my dress over a white long sleeve tee for a somewhat school-teacher vibe, but I love it nonetheless.

It's quite a monochromatic outfit full of shades of cream and tan, perfect for fall.


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  1. your jacket is lovely! Great outfit :)

  2. I love this jacket! It's so pimp.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. haha cute post - love almost famous!!


  4. That jacket is a great score! Looks awesome on you:)

  5. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies of all time! Your version of Penny's jacket is great :)



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