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As a self-proclaimed francophile, I worship all things French (especially fashion), much to the disdain of mes amis who prefer all things (read: food) American and their conversations in English.

I can't help but look to the lovely Jane Birkin as one of my main style icons. She's the perfect embodiment of classic French style: her shaggy brown hair perfectly compliments her wardrobe très françaises of striped tops, flat boots and pea coats. {It helps that she has the perfect tall & slender physique to pull about anything off, flawlessly.}

This, let's admit ithard core girl-crush has inspired me to take a pair of scissors to my own hair, on more than one occasssion in the search for a similar hairstyle. Today is no different: I'm ready for an adventure in self hair-cuts and trade my side-swept bangs for some blunt fringe...

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Homegirl invented "boho-chic" and can make lace or chambray shirts look amazing and effortless. I mean, who else could pull off a naval-grazing lace evening gown look elegant without being trashy? Elle est la meilleure! 


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  1. Totally heart Jane Birkin. Major girl crush xx

  2. she is just a classic beauty! I love all things French too!


  3. Did you see the tour of the gainsbourg house in the new york times? tres interesant

  4. your so right! i wish I could have bangs like that :/

  5. heavy metal it shall be :)

    love those faux coats! Inspiring <3 makes me wanna hit the malls again!
    Have a fabulous day!

    ur new follower

  6. Jane Birkin is truly a woman of the statement; effortlessly chic Parisian. Her style is timeless. xoxo

  7. Agree so much, Jane is definitely a style icon!

    xo, alison*elle

  8. All these photos are gorj. Very inspirational. I think you'll like my blog. Follow for follow?

    Soph xox

  9. Isnt she just divine!?

    Love you blog, just signed up to follow and cant wait for your future posts. Keep it up!

    Luc X

    Check out mine if you have a spare moment-

  10. I took scissors to my own hair this past August b/c I love Twiggy so much and wanted her classic pixie cut. Jane has iconicly fab hair too! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love the classic French look too(but am more an Anglofile if I'm being honest).


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