tuesday shoes-day: black wedge espadrilles

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By now you know that I absolutely adore Kate Middleton and her fashion choices. (Me and every other woman on the planet, I know.) Ever since the engagement and announcement of the Royal Wedding, her wardrobe has been analyzed by every faux-fashionista on the planet, and stores can't keep her purchases in stock. Or knockoffs for that matter

What's a girl to do?!

Go thrifting of couse! There isn't anything special to Kate's fashion; she's a natural beauty who picks modest, classic silhouettes in neutral colors and makes figure-flattering choices. Quel role model. Finding similar pieces is not an impossible challenge when shopping secondhand.

Ever since the release of the royal wedding photos of Kate in a blue shift dress and black wedges, women from here to across the pond have been snapping up similar dark hued espadrilles. They're terribly hard to find in stock online and in-stores for good reason: they go with everything.

cue the inspiration board! 

I was inspired to find a pair of my own, and was looking for a pair of closed-toe rounded pumps. Espadrilles come in every shape and color, but sling-backs are a tad too summery for my taste. I ended up snagging a pair of patent leather pointy-toed wedges.

Pointy toed wedges? As strange as it seems, and as un-Kate Middleton as they look, I adore them!

Birds-eye view of the shoes! I love them. (P.S. they're Anne Klein.) 

Have I mentioned that they're the perfect height? Just enough of a wedge too add some needed height to my 5' 4" frame without being too tall. 

The best part? The price: $6.99. What's that in GBP, Kate? I love love love these shoes.

via {nor}

I was skeptical about buying a pair of glossy leather wedges, considering most of the pairs I'd seen online were canvas or another matte material, that is, until I saw these beauties.

They're the Lanvin Espadrille Wedge Pump and approximately 100x the price of my second-hand score. Until then, I'm perfectly set with my pair.

Be it round or pointy-toed, in your choice of finish, espadrille wedges are a great alternative to basic black pumps or regular wedges. Plus, the tan jute heel is a natural fiber (I know my #textiles) so it's quite easy to clean off as compared to suede, and will hide normal wear & tear much better than leather.

Keep your eyes peeled for a pair of navy or black espadrille wedges! They go with everything.


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  1. I'm really big fan of wedges, these are really cute.

  2. This is true that these high heels are best suitable for the the people that want to wear closed shoes with high heels


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