Thursday Furs-Day

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This is the first post of it’s kind, but I can’t resist sharing these photos with you. Adorable does not even begin to describe what you all are in store for. There’s a story behind the pictures, but if you need a cute fix ASAP, scroll down.
A coworker of mine who loves practical jokes and email forwards was killing time in the break room when I went in for my morning caffeine fix and showed me a strange email she’d gotten with some ADORABLE (but strange) photos of a mother tiger at the zoo. The story went that she’d lost her cub of tigers and the zoo was at a lost as how to combat her depression. Enter the three little piglets (wearing animal print, obviously.) Mama tiger took a liking to the pip-squeaks and began to raise them as her own, despite the fact that they had curly tails and snouts. Whatever.
Without further ado....

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So Daily Mail says its all a hoax and the pictures were staged in a zoo in Thailand. Do I care? Sure don’t. I’m still smiling at how cute these little munchkins look. Can we talk about that red bow for a minute?!

But if this isn't proof that animal print is always the answer, then you've learned nothing from me today.


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  1. It's adorable!!!!
    Very cute even it was a hoax- still makes you smile!!!

  2. thanks for the comment! I just love your blog, and these pictures are too cute! Love the bow :)

  3. this is soo cute!I love it!


  4. GAH! I want to join in the cuddlefest - that is the cutest thing! :)

    sorelle in style

  5. that's so cute, the tiger really look after the piglets, thanks for the comment, please follow my blog too in gfc:

  6. omg this is sooooo cute!!!! I want it. haha. Thanks so much for the comment on my site! :) want to follow each other love?

    Couture Caddy

  7. Adorable pictures! So cute!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! It would make me very happy to welcome you as my newest follower!!


  8. Hey Alissa,
    Loved your blog and these photos are so cute!

    Thanks for the visit, come back at any time


  9. Staged or not, these are pictures of a tiger snuggling with piglets, which means it is freaking adorable!!

    Oh, and I searched for those Sam Edelman flats - were you talking about these?

    Because I think I just fell in love with the pink ones!!

  10. so glad you all enjoyed these photos as much as i did finding them! i wish there was a way to message everyone, but i guess following/posting will have to do :)

    stephanie--yes those are the ones! a little pricey, but how adorable are they?!

  11. OHHH I love this lovely pics!!! adorable!!

    i follow you!


  12. how cute! i love your enthusiasm for animals :). xx.

  13. I love this post. Tigers are so beautiful and the piggies are too cute. You have such a cute blog~


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