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In the name of a 73-degree day in October I skipped took a vacation day from work and attempted to be productive and finally cross off some tasks from my growing to-go list.

I may have passed on completing my list in favor of a Tex-Mex lunch {and margaritas} but I managed to score one major find that I've had my heart set on: A TRIPOD. 

I absolutely adore {FreeCycle} and you should too! All you need is a Yahoo e-mail adress and you can join your local board, search by zip-code and search through the message board for whatever your heart desires. Freecycle is an internet forum for lazy people who don't want to make a trip to the dump, no I'm totally kidding. It's where people can pass off or pick up gently-used items, with no charges, fees or sketchy midnight craigslist dealings. 

I furnished my entire apartment at school from this site, and I didn't have to travel too far to do it. I strongly advise FC newbies to browse through the messages and see whats up for grabs in their neck of the woods.

For those with more time-sensitive needs: posted a "wanted" message and see who blows up your inbox next.

Long story short: I'm the proud new owner of a ProMaster 6300 digital camera tripod. Get ready for some bad-ass OOTDs starting Monday. 

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