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Another lovely card from my favorite printers, quotablecards, who make lovely cards (duh) as well as coffee mugs, (caffeine addicts rejoice!), calendars, notepads, etc. Chances are they're in stock at the cute boutique near your office/down the street/at the local organic market. They're cool like that.

Have you ever noticed how more meaningful compliments tend to be when they're focused towards your outfit? Whenever my thrift store finds get attention from a fashionable stranger, I feel an instant boost in my attitude. There's something to be said for vintage enthusiasts//kindred spirits, am I right? 

Personal style is something that everyone should aim to cultivate, and nothing can inspire you to continue on your mission  quite like a sincere compliment on a one-of-a-kind piece you worked hard to find and style 
p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y, so next time you see a well-dressed fashionista, let her know! 

Who knows when you'll get one in return? 

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  1. cute blog and nice post :)

    xoxo sowmy

  2. I need someone to be kind to me right now, my world is spinning out of control.


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