20 October 2016

first fashionista.

For those of you living under a damn rock, Michelle Obama just stepped out in a rose-gold chain mail dress custom-made by Versace Atelier for her last ever State Dinner as First Lady First Fashionista. 

Yes and yes and yes and yeeeeessss.

Let's go back in time and review one of the most iconic materials to ever grace the runway. The year is 1982...

The famous title of "supermodel" had just become a thing, and France's future Première Dame was just a runway model with a penchant for chain-smoking and blunt bags. Kate and Naomi were forging a beautiful friendship over their shared height-issues.


Chain metal would be one of the signature looks of Gianni Versace's creations until his death in 1997. That July, he would send gold chain mail year down the runway in July, while Caroline Murphy would wear one of his creations to the Met Gala which honored him with a retrospective of his designs.

The fall/winter collection of 2012 brought back the chain-mail, in lighter silver tones.

Can we please look at sassy Lindsey Wixson here? Microbangs be damned, she looks great.

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18 October 2016

the witching hour

With only one week left until All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween for my anglophone friends, the time has come to channel your inner sorcière. Voici, a few crucial pieces to bewitch everyone you meet.

the witching hour

Off-the-shoulder slinky dresses give you more room to work with and show off an epic pair of tassel earrings, in the perfect spiced-pumpkin shade.

Vogue keeps preaching the benefits of fuzzy shoes, which gives me even more of a reason to splurge for these Alexander Wang sandals. They'll look great with a pair of sheer tights, which for me equals a year-round shoe. That's what they call a practical purchase

16 October 2016

sunday likes and links

Weaning myself off of coffee on the weekends is going....not as well as expected. It's sunday evening which means I'm binging watching television shows and scrolling through the internet.

Café Oberkampf in the 11e has a charming décor and will not yell at you if you spill all over their tables. Score!

Take time to slow down. Why aren't you watching Fleabag yet? Or Fresh Off the Boat, for that matter? If you were, you'd know that Constance Wu has the voice of an angel.

12 October 2016

green and gold

It's cold and gray in Paris, so this suede jacket may not be practical but since when has that even stopped anyone?


Madewell asymmetrical zipper jacket
€520 - net-a-porter.com

WithChic metallic skirt
€40 - withchic.com

See by Chloé shoulder strap bag
€310 - ssense.com

Urban Outfitters cat headphones
€35 - urbanoutfitters.com

11 October 2016

I've seen these Ivanka Trump shoes before...

The Trump family has been making headlines for their unorthodox business methods and charming rhetoric. The ever-charming Ivanka Trump, who works with the manufacturer Marc Fischer, has gotten herself into hot water in the past over the issue of copyright with the Italian footwear brand Aquazurra. It seems that her election duties haven't been slowing down her fashion empire. Her latest releases on Zappos seem very similar to the classic Chanel sling backs whose design dates all the way back to...1950. Take a look and decide for yourself.

 The "liah" heels retail for $125.

Don't they look familiar? But wait! There's more...

09 October 2016

Since 2013, the abandoned train depot at la Chapelle has been transformed every summer into an outdoor food market and dance hall. On the weekends you can choose between organic fruits and vegetables, a vast selection of delicious cheeses and even peruse a stand of used books.

 Once inside, there are tons of refurbished train cars and a open garden with chaise lounges, pétanque and a chicken shed. 

Among the restaurants are Jules + Shim, Helmet Newcake for those of us digestively-challenged, and a selection of bars including la Buvette. The open-space is filling with a mismatch selection of chairs and tables. 

Indoors you can take your food and drink inside a refurbished train car featuring a projection of outdoor scenery, which makes for a super-trippy "ride" across the world.  

06 October 2016

Carven private sales

Paris Fashion Week is over and the city is calm. What better time to take advantage of the Carven sample sale, on until Sunday! The selection is varied, but mostly hails from the Fall 2015 RTW.

Pricing varies but shoes are 95 euro, ankle boots at 125. Shorts start at 50 euros and dresses start at 120. 

Don't lose a minute, and sign up here. Tick tock! 


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