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I've been in Paris for only 4 days, but have finally settled into a comfortable routine of managing my au pair duties, exploring the city during my free time, and taking language classes at a school nearby. This weekend will mark the first 48 hours I will have all to myself, and I could not be happier!

Keeping in touch with my loved ones back home has been easier than expected: I am lucky enough to have wired phone in my room and complementary calls to the US, which makes life much more enjoyable is Skype is acting up, or if something immediate comes up.

Everyone has been asking about my life here, mostly my apartment, so I'm posting a few photos of what I encounter on my daily walk. (This is not everything, by far, but enough to start off with.)

Step one: walk across your giant courtyard to the old-school elevator and head down to the lobby, also referred to as "RC" (rez-de-chaussee).

During my three-block walk to the apartment of my family, I pass so many lovely buildings including this one (pictured above) which seems to be a bit out of place in the city, looking more like a chateau in the country. 

In the 16eme arrondissement, there are many lovely apartment buildings, the bend is the road creates an optical illusion that is somewhat reminiscent a scene from Inception

Part of the joy of living in Paris is having delicious 'brasseries' on almost every corner. Subtle signs of the underlying class system can be seen here: there is an architectural hierarchy in residential buildings, with the most expensive and luxurious spaces at the top. Even in the cold winter, there are plants on almost every windowsill, which adds to the charm of this photo. By far, this is my favorite building in my neighborhood. 

The studio in which I live is quite small by American standards: the entire apartment is almost equal in size to my bedroom at home. {However, the loft bed, mirrors and collapsable furniture make it quite a manageable space.} The best motivation to get out and begin my day comes from my amazing view.


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  1. It's beautiful, I would love to live there.

  2. Lovely! This makes me miss walking those pretty Parisian streets so much!

  3. Wow! Is all I have to say! I could not imagine picking up and going to Paris :) Congratulations on your move! I cannot wait to see more pictures of the city!

  4. WOW, what views! LOVE these pictures! can't wait to see more!

  5. This is amazing. What an amazing adventure!

  6. Such a great view!! I had that in my old Parisian place. I cannot wait to follow along our journey as an au pair -- it's gonna be a blast!

  7. Wow, your view is beautiful! I would love to visit Paris some day, definitely on my to-do list!

  8. awesome photos! i love these seemingly mundane snapshots into your life in pear-ee. hope youre taking some of these kinds of shots on your disposable! can't get over that window view. let me know if you hear any chim chimeree's. Bert and Mary may hang out on the rooftops of london, but surely they must have expanded their market by now. Add that and an affinity for great bags to the list of things you and mary poppins have in common (obv the list starts with being an au pair, wearing awesome coats, loving rum punch, and paying someone else to feed the birds.)


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