les soldes: week two

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The second week of les soldes resulted in much more practical purchases that are definitely a sign that I have reached the nesting phase of moving into my new apartment! With things being so affordable, it's easier to convince myself to spend money on trivial home decorations; they're such a quick and easy way to improve my mood. Plus pretty things are, like, so totally awesome. 

This display at the Repetto store on Blvd Victor Hugo is by far my favorite yet!

In terms of space, my Parisian studio is only a bit bigger than my bedroom at home. Living in a small space has been quite manageable, due to the fact that I have more floor space than before thanks to my lofted bed, and because I've been making good use of overhead storage and more efficient shelving and closet spaces. One major thing I was missing, however, was adequate lighting: there was only one florescent bulb hanging overhead. 

It will sound a bit high-maintenance, but I really hate overhead lighting. Not only is it harsh and unflattering, I find it impossible to go more than 5 minutes without getting a headache. In the spirit of studio living, I decided to pull from a few college-era decorating tips, including the choice in college lighting-on-a-budget: Christmas Lights. I was able to find three strands of fairy lights, as they're called in Europe, at a small craft store on the basement level of a mini-mall nearby. (Ten euros says that is the most ridiculous sentence you will have read all day.) 

They were put best to use wrapped around the frame of my loft bed, eventually draped in tufts along the underside of my bed. Not only do they illuminate my space (all the better to write my blog posts!) but they reflect in the glass of my window, which combined with the lights of the Eiffel Tower, create a lovely reflection in my mirror. 


The bare wood floors of my apartment can be so cold on my feet, so I snagged a pair of super cute and soft slippers from my beloved Accesorize store (above, right), to add to my otherwise tough and aggressive shoe collection.

Accessorize hit my hometown mall when I was in the 5th grade--without a doubt, I was their best customer. Fortunately for my mom's credit card, their East Coast run didn't last very long, and I soon went into mourning. Finding one now and again makes my heart skip a beat, and I revert back to my pre-pubescent self. 

French Sephora stores are much better than their American counterparts, and for good reason: their flagship store opened here in the '70s. It's no surprise the French do cosmetics better than anyone else: enter Sephora's body baume/butter in two delicious flavors, chocolate praline, and citron meringue. There is a rumor that the creme brûlée scent is still on shelves in the lesser-frequented branches, so my hunt continues.


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  1. i love creme brulee.... the fragrance in a beauty product? almost as good as the real thing! Cant wait to see how the decorating goes in your place!




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