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After an unsettling start to my day, I managed to be quite productive and complete a few necessary tasks including: registering for my yearly metro card (la carte imaginaire), taking a brief placement test and registering for French language courses three times a week (subject: Art History) and navigating the neighborhood to drop the boys off at their sporting events. On top of that, I mailed some overdue post cards at the local post office around the corner, and managed to take a some-what decent ID photo required for my metro card at a photo booth (photomatique) in the local indoor mall.

City living is much more exhausting than I am used to: I forgot how taxing it can be to navigate unfamiliar streets (especially on a schedule) or to go 12 or 13 hours without stopping at home. Not only is the weather unpredictable, but packing smartly is imperative so that you don't find yourself with an uncharged cell phone or without your schedule and trusty journal.

Among the many things I love about being here, my most favorite (yet most bizarre) has got to be the smell of the city. There is an odor to Paris that is both familiar and strange: I cannot explain it completely, but the scent is quite unique. I was once told that Parisians do not obsess over the size or condition of their homes because it is the place they spend the least amount of their time: Parisians live their lives outdoors. Not only have I finally conquered my jet-lag, but I have quite a bit of free time to myself before and after my first day of classes. I look forward to finally exploring the city I love so much!


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  1. Agreed! Paris smells lovely! A mixture of flowers, brasseries, patisseries, etc all mingled in the street! I love Paris!

  2. Wow sounds like your having a real adventure. I am very jealous of your travels. I don't remember a smell around Paris when I was there. I was so tired though and didn't get to see and notice as much as I hoped.


  3. Beautifully stated. Love this quote, the perfect way to start 2012! Thanks for visiting my blog love, Happy New Year and hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  4. my goodness i am so jealous! & don't fret, once you are settled in everything will go smoothly & be a fantastic adventure!
    xx Corinne

  5. You are made for this city. So happy you're happy. Sending love from silver spring!

  6. You are made for this city. So happy you're happy. Sending love from silver spring!

  7. You were made for this city. So happy your happy. Sending love from silver spring!


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