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Happy Monday to all! This post is about a week too late, but c'est la vie. Last week I was boarding an airplane solo (after having a difficult and mildly destructive time with airport security), and heading back to the land of pastries and fashion!

step one: get past security, but forget to take out your laptop before screening. exchange words with a TSA agent who takes your carry-on bag for examination, but manages to smash your ceramic travel mug instead. tears ensue.

step two: break out your coloring book, it's time to get down to business! surprise announcement: dinner will be served on this flight. dang-a-lang, nothing calms my nerves like a free dinner. 

step three: check out the in-flight entertainment. skip straight ahead to "new releases" and marvel over how many Ryan Gosling films are available. well played, Air France. 

step four: wake up semi-rested and snap a photo before landing. 

 step five: get off the plane! you've arrived!

I've flown just a handful of times in life, but I have to say that this trip was the most difficult: I boarded the flight alone, upset, and very nervous. Sleeping on planes is always a struggle for me, and this time was no different, yet I managed to survive, thanks to a generous and well-prepared care package!


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  1. Traveling alone is soooo nerveracking! I traveled by myself for the first time at 17. I do not recommend it to anyone!!! Seeing your Hello Kitty coloring book warms my heart because I still color too!!!!!! Man oh man do I love a good coloring book :)

  2. I'm always having trouble about sleeping on planes. Maybe I should get a cute activity book like yours for my future travels :)

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  4. if you're lucky enough to live near a 5-below store, that's where my dear friend Amanda found this one in particular. i'm so glad that Hello Kitty is still popular with kids because it means I can find them (for me) almost anywhere :)

  5. So honored and proud. I can vauge for the product of this activity. #color gradient.


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