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Among the many things that are strange about living in France, most involve the bathroom (le WC). The biggest adjustment so far has been learning to live with a toilet in a separate room from my shower and sink, which is quite common in France. My own apartment here lacks a toilet: I share with two neighbors. The toilet is right next door to me which has been convenient for me, and has not yet become a noise problem.

The toilet paper in Paris is pink, which I absolutely adore. I'm even considering using it to decorate my sparse apartment for the time being. Today I got found the center of the roll was strange as well: instead of being a plan brown tube, I found mine was printed with words and pictures in bright blue ink that encouraged me to "me jeter dans les toilettes." My apartment isn't the newest one on the block, so I decided not to flush the tube, figuring that any possible maintenance problems would definitely be traced back to the new American girl. Instead, I decided to turn to trusty to make sure this whole thing was legitimate.

Basically, Aqua Tube seems is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your toilet tubes that everyone in Europe seems to a-d-o-r-e. They've got a website where you can learn more, and if you like, you can download an Aqua-Tube themed iPhone game. Oh, Europe.


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  1. hahaha that's great! When I was in Europe I really liked how the toilet was separate from the shower. Seems convenient when you really got to pee but someone is taking an hour long shower!

  2. You really made my day with this post. It is so nicely written :)I am from Europe and I now live in Canada - it's truly weird to adjust to a different culture. I can totally relate.

  3. Haha. In a weird way it's cute. Gotta love those Europeans!


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