gluten free in the city of lights.

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It's about been a little over a week since I've arrived in Paris (and successful avoided grocery shopping) until today. Hunger pains and a barren fridge forced to me to finally go to my local Franprix to pick up my groceries for the week. (While it is quite iconic and traditional to think that the French do very specialized shopping every day or two, the realities of the 21st century force most Parisians to make weekly trips to the supermarket, just like the rest of us! Blame it on a busy schedule: grocery stores are much more convenient and affordable, and Paris is expensive.

Settling in to my apartment has taken a bit longer than I expected, but finally I feel back on track and am planning on returning to my frequent schedule of posting. Fear not friends, I'm back with more interesting and fashionable posts than ever before! 

Eating gluten-free in the land of bread has been easier than I anticipated, and I've been able to enjoy most traditional French foods. Here's a peek into how I'm living here in Paris. 

GPOY insanely-awesome view-edition.

1. Saint Louis cane sugar. The only real sugar I'll ever eat: it's delicious, widely available and has an easy-to-pour spout.

2. L'or espresso instant coffee cups. Trust the French to make expresso even easier. With no instruction manual, it took me longer than I'd care to admit  to figure out how to use these cups with my expresson machine, but now we're BFF. Plus, they've got the Clooney seal of approval. 

3La moutarde de Dijon. I've yet to find any of my favorite hot sauces in Paris, so in the mean time I'll defer to the unofficial condiment of France: dijon mustard. This one comes in a adorable glass container printed with animal cartoons which I plan on recycling as a drinking glass once I'm done! 

4. Nutella. There is no other.

5. Pâté de campagne et du foie. It's best if you pretend to not know what you're actually eating, but I will never, ever, not love pâté. Forget what you've heard, the less expensive, the more delicious. 

6. Des oeufs. This classic breakfast staple is both cheap and protein-rich, and thus very necessary for busy days running around the City of Lights.

7. Le vin rosé. Oh, trivia nights. Forget drinking white or red, I love rosé for fun nights with friends. I don't pretend to be a wine connaisseur, often I opt for the bottle with the loveliest label.  
8. Coca Light. Once a betch, always a betch: we love our Diet Coke. Something about the name (and speaking in an accent) makes asking for Coca Light a bit more chic than asking for its' American counterpart. Plus, being an au pair to five children calls for as many caffeinated drinks as possible!

9. Perrier. It's my preferred brand of d'eau gazeuse and makes the perfect reusable water bottle to tote around the city during long days.

10. Galletes de riz. Living in the land of bread is really difficult due to my gluten-intolerance, but rice cakes are the perfect way to enjoy everything the Parisians usually eat on baguettes. 

11. Riz. The quickest and easiest carb to pepare. Cheap eats mean more shopping money.

12. Confiture Bonne Maman Myrtilles Sauvages. The original French jam with the adorable checkered lid is sold in every supermarché here, just as it should be.

13. Camembert de Normandie. French cheese is the best.

14. Pointe de Brie. No fridge is complete without a bit of brie.

15. La Yaourt Grecque. The closest I can find to my beloved Fage yogurt is this variety, which will have to do until I can get my hands on a thicker version.

16. Allumettes nature. My roommate introduced me to these when we lived in the 18eme last year and I've loved them ever since. Essentially raw bacon bits, they add flavor to every dish and cook up quickly: I like them best in my otherwise boring scrambled eggs!

Les soldes have begun and I am frantically preparing a plan of attack, so until I post again, à bientôt!


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  1. "Once a betch, always a betch" Love it! Diet Coke is like the holy grail! Hahahaha! Reading your blog makes me want to hop on a plane and come over there! Room for a visitor? Haha

  2. SO jealous!! I miss that city. I'll be back for a few days in paris and cannot wait! xo

  3. I love pate too.... i have since i was a kid. also i love spam. there is something wrong with me


  4. Seriously, that view!!!


  5. Diet Coke and Nutella. Carry on.

  6. love your post ... love the city of lights ... so glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  7. Looks like you picked up some yummy items!

  8. yumm... nutella :) and wow the view is amazing!

  9. How fun you are in Paris! I loved looking through all your different foods and drinks..I've only been to Paris when I was 14 and I ate baggettes and drank Orangeina the whole time. I just found your blog and this is a great post. I hope you have a great time and enjoy all your treats!

    Following you now,
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  10. Probably my favorite post so far (for obvious reasons).


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