les soldes are on!

by - 9:30 AM

Wednesday marked the beginning of the winter sales in Paris which will last until the 14th of February. Discounts start off around 20-50% off most fall-winter merchandise in an attempt to make room for the new collections, and rumor has it that prices will drop significantly as the sales draw to a close. I've only bought one item which will remain a secret for a bit longer. For now, I give you a glimpse into one of the major shopping routes near my apartment: Rue Victor Hugo. As if the French were unaware of les soldes, each storefront has a uniquely designed sign, ranging from simple to sparkly! 

My favorite? It's a toss-up between the free-standing letters spotted behind the window of a children's toy store, and the gothic lettering and border of the last window.


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  1. SO exciting. I literally fly there on the 21st of Feb -- just miss them :-(

  2. Sales are always exciting! Wish I was there! =} I'm happy to follow you! Check out my blog and follow if you like plz! =}


  3. I love the bunnies in the 4th photo :) So cute. Paris looks lovely as usual


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