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Je vous presente: ma fenêtre! Spécifiquement: la view de la fenêtre de mon appartement! C'est la Tour Eiffel a tour sparkles chaque heure pour 5 minutes, étais la chance a prendre un photo de ca! 

And I give window--or specifically, the view from my window. I was lucky enough to return home at 8 o'clock on the dot, when the Eiffel Tour lights sparkle for five minutes, every hour on the hour. After the stress and nerves of coming home, it's quite enjoyable to see the lights and find some inner peace. 

Update: I am connected to the interwebs, but am having trouble understanding the wireless router (in any language) so I'm hooked up via ethernet which means for the mean time, I can only get internet by the wall, at my desk station. 

In more exciting (and relevant news) I have a corded wall phone that lets me make free phone calls to the US! I am so relieved to have one, although I will need to remind myself of the 6-hour time difference and avoid calling during primo sleeping hours. I am off in a bit to see an old friend from study abroad but hopefully will get a chance to get in touch and update my journal.

Once I can figure out better photo settings, I'll try and get a better photo. For now here's proof that I'm actually in Paris!


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  1. You're so lucky to be there! That's such an exciting experience!

  2. oh my gosh what an amazing view! I would love the see the eiffel tower, just once in my life. So amazing!

  3. alyssa! your view is legit, keep posting so i can live vicariously through your adventures


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