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I haven't been as organized as I'd like to be, and as a result, my posts have been a bit off, timing-wise. Life in Paris requires a sense of organization and sense of time-management that hasn't been required of me since, well, ever. In the spirit of getting back on track & staying up to date, I've compiled a weekly round-up of things that have happened! 

-Week 2 of les soldes were quite a success. I branched out into the home decor stores nearby and began the nesting phase of My Big Move to Paris. 

-Finally scored a copy French Vogue {see below} and ordered a year-long subscription. Ah, commitment.

-Earned my cultural status as a French citizen this week, after battling my second case of winter-time gastro. It only took me two weeks after arriving in Paris, like last time, to catch the disease that has reached epidemic-levels in Paris. At least I'm not alone...

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