les enfants françaises

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Happy Wednesday, once again! Ascension Day is celebrating in France with a long weekend in the countryside: Parisian au pairs (the lucky ones, at least) are off on vacation tomorrow. I'll be off to Arromanches, in Normandy, fighting the cold and wind, a small price to pay to enjoy a few tranquil days spent by the sea. 

As usual, Parisian weather is cold and gray--we're only now ditching the sweaters in favor of tee shirts and bare arms. The immaculate parks are filling up with children ready to enjoy the warmer weather, and I find myself surrounded by hoards of the same weekend outfits: polos + sneakers + jeans + assorted adorable accessories. 

My favorite five-year-old wears glasses (when he can keep track of them) in an adorable bright blue-green combo. These round glasses seem to be all the rage in Paris right now, in fact I think that they seem to be the only acceptable style for kids! The Lacoste store by our house has got new window displays featuring flag-icons and patterns, just in time for the Summer Olympics. I love this French-version: a subtle tricolore crocodile makes the classic French polo even cuter. 

Lest we not forgot the Bensimon sneakers, they French equivalent of Converse Chuck Taylors. Simple, understated and indestructible, every French child seems to have a pair or twelve of these in their closet. A pair of brightly colored ecouters help drown out the sound of city traffic. These awesome ones are from a cool gadget store, La Chaise Longue


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  1. Love the color of those ecouters :) Enjoy your weekend in Normandy!!


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