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Somehow, my e-mail address has gotten onto each and every one of Refinery 29's mailing lists: I have a constant stream of newsletters sent to my inbox on the reg. Last week, one in particular struck my interest: ' A Guide to Your Designer Handbag.'

Something about the brightly colored info-graphic reminded me of the countless CosmoGirl quizes I used to take as a pre-teen. I was always fervently answering multiple-choice questions, then changing my responses when I was unsatisfied with their final analysis. Looking back, I realize how juvenile and poorly written those quizzes were, but I loved them nonetheless.

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Despite the fact that it only barely covers the realm of current It Bags, they come pretty close to stereotyping who's wearing what. In fact, I've had my eye on a Cambridge Co. Satchel in bright gold for a while, a purchase that can hopefully help me stand out in the crowd of other "30-something bloggers."

Last time I checked, this baby was in stock at ASOS.


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  1. This is cute! I love the gold satchel but I'm sad to say that my bag is not on the list lol!

  2. Lovely post dear! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;


  3. so glad i'm not the only one who used to cheat those quizzes lol!!
    & chanel worn with bitch lips? dead on & hysterical :DD
    that gold satchel is killer!! & definitely not the usual neon colors us bloggers are apparently sporting haha

    xx Corinne


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