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One of the best parts of being an au pair for a little French girl is getting to dress her up in adorable outfits. There is something very Madeline and Miss Clavel about chasing her around, waiting to see how long she can keep her outfits clean. (The answer: never for very long: fifteen minutes tops.) Not a day goes by that I don't pass a sweet shop with window displays featuring sweet pink top and ruffled outfits for the most fashionable of the the Parisian toddlers.

 In the land of boys and polo tops, it's fun to play pretend and leaf through the catalogs that wind up in our mailbox, filled with the latest fashions out of Europe. My new favorite brand that has me wishing I could still fit a size 6T is mini Boden, a British brand that makes adorably bright printed tops & fun swimsuits. In the ideal world where I can drop 30 euros on a top, I'd be shopping exclusively at mini Boden.

Cue photos, I've left you hanging in long enough.

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In true fashion, my favorite picks are mostly striped pieces! The bright colors and fun prints make me want to be a kid again! Or at least, start shopping in the kids' section...

{clockwise from top left}

1. There are exactly zero hats in my closet, but I would attempt a floral hat/striped top outfit any day. Extra points for matching the lining to your outfit.
2. Every cool kid needs a graphic//embellished tee, and this one is all the more adorable covered in snacks and desserts!
3. A striped one-piece halter suit with a neon ruffle around the neck, proof that combining trends can work.
4. Denim shorts with bleached white stars. Win.
5. A fun striped hoodie in colors that clash, in a good way. Who knew it was possible.
6. Metallic gladiators for little baby feet.
7. Polka dot shorts with heart-shaped back pockets. Adorable is not enough.
8. Striped sweater. Pink. Pears. Love.


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