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As part of my year-long vacation from reality year as an au pair, I go on vacation with my family and help wrangle the kids, cook meals and tag along for any day trips, including, but not limited to, St. Tropez. 

Among the many famous people + things that the area is know for are the leather sandals made by K. Jacques. In between breakfast and hitting up the local art museum, the kids and I window shopped the famous streets surrounding Place de la Garonne. 

Leave it to my super-fashionable and brand-saavy 'host mom' to be in the know about this famous brand that considers itself the premier 'Atelier des Spartiates Tropéziennes.' In English, they're the geniuses who create spartan-style sandals in St. Tropez. 

Their high-price tags (starting around 150 euros per pair) don't stop me from drooling over them online: I picked out my six most favorite pairs, which, if I happen to win the lottery, will be walking their way into my summer wardrobe as soon as possible. 


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  1. I need new sandals so bad, I really do.

  2. Love the neon yellow sandals! and cool blog <3
    would you like to follow each other? :))


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