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Living in one of the more posh arrondissements of Paris has significantly limited my access to craft supplies: the cheap bright fabrics that I'm used to picking up for a few dollars at home are nowhere to be found, instead I'm restricted to the rare upholstery fabric shop or mercerie which hardly fill my need for graphic prints and fun textures. This ache in my crafter heart was finally subdued when I found out about Le Super Market, thanks to a tweet from one of my favorite Parisian sites, Girls Guide to Paris

And so, an otherwise boring Sunday was made better with crafts, jewelry, free tote bags and cute bird-themed knick-knacks.

Full of brightly colored lanters,

A few of my favorite things: scalloped jewelry from Parisian-based designers, asme. // A bright pink screen printed bag courtesy of Etsy.

Sunny balloons tied to garlands of '50s and '60s style cutouts are the perfect touch, and add a fun touch.


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  1. What an amazing and fun place, I love it.

  2. Ahh! So jealous of your French life! Everything looks so beautiful.


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