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Whenever I get fed-up of reading the same old gossip websites and homesick enough to actually read a newspaper, I turn to the New York Times for a quick glimpse into life back in the Etas-Unis. Halfway through a night of babysitting-induced bordum, I clicked onto their homepage which led me to an article chronicling the current revitiliization of The Gap. chronicling the current revitalization of The Gap.

In only three pages, this article chronicles the decline of the Gap since it's hay-day in the '90s of bright colors, celebrity endorsements and quality design. Since then, it's suffered many times over and went from being a pit-stop for every classic American prep, to a collection of marked down polyester tops and ill-fitting jeans. I can't remember having liked anything since they teamed up with SJP. Remember their Pretty Khaki campaign?! 

Sparkles and sequins to the max, those were the days! Ever since then, they've been more and more out of touch with their market, pumping out poorly designed garments that seemed to be marked-down immediately upon arriving on store shelves.

Interestingly enough, there are quite a few Gap stores located within a 5 mile radius of my apartment in Paris, and during the winter soldes, I was drawn to their brightly decorated windows just as much as I was drawn to their 70% off signs plastering the walls and windows. Oddly enough, I loved what I saw inside, especially the full-priced merchandise. Until reading this article, I was under the impression that Gap, Inc. had much more saavy European buyers, who were directing their overseas market in a much brighter, and successful direction. I'm glad to see that the brand is resurfacing with a younger, fresher style, and I've picked out my favorites below.

clockwise, from top left: 
  • A loose sweater makes bright pastel stripes seem less daunting. (ie. more flattering)
  • These fun metallic ballet flats can fold flat and are the closest i'll ever come to dance shoes.
  • Magenta is my favorite color, so despite the general Parisian aversion to jean cut-offs, I'll be wearing this all summer. 
  • The silhouette of this pretty ruffle-sleeved dress seems too adorable not to wear.
  • Safari shirts in light-weight fabrics seem totally wearable.
  • Short girls like me rely on heels, and the suede/cork combo is '70s in style, but current enough to pair with anything. 
  • Leopard/cheetah print knits in odd color-combinations are always a must-have. 
  • My Havaianas will only work in so many occasions. for anything fancier, these pretty mint thongs will work. 

Anyone willing to give Gap another chance?


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  1. I love the Gap! I love all the bright colours they've had lately and I feel like their jeans have definitely improved over the years. I also love the leather jackets.. cheaper and beautiful!




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