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I'm not a big fan of award show ceremonies but this year I felt compelled to tune into the Oscars and check in on how things are going back home. Oddly enough, one of this years' biggest surprise hits comes out of France: The Artist, starring French dream-boat Jean Dujardin, nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

Coincidentally enough, I had the apartment all to myself which called for a American-in-Paris themed party: chocolate covered popcorn and oreos + champagne and French cookies.

Finding grocery stores open on Sunday was half of the battle, but eventually I found a box of microwave popcorn with fun, boldly-printed graphics on the bag. Parisian junk food is just as commercialized as in America, and equally as delicious! Once it was popped, I drizzled melted chocolate all over and let it set for an hour in the refrigerator. Easy to make and so delicious--it didn't last long! To complete my cross-country theme, I served Oreos with chocolate caramel biscuits and buttery palmito cookies--thin heart-shaped puff pastry cookies. 

Either as a viewer or attendee, no award show would be complete without some bubbly: these bottles were the last few left at the market so I made sure to snag them all up. Any good hostess should have a back up supply!

What a night to be in France! The Artist won 5 awards and M. Dujardin won for Best Actor. Of all the photos floating around the blogosphere post-Oscars, this snapshot has got to be my favorite. It helps that M. Dujardin is extremely attractive, but so what? 


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  1. Yeah, I haven't seen the Oscar's yet, but soon.

  2. the mister and i watched that night and oh! my! michelle williams and her cute dress totally won me over . . . i love awards nights.


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