jour du saint valentine

by - 7:04 PM

Today marks my second Valentine's Day in the city of Love. This time it's remarkably different: not only am I actually awake and not suffering from jet-lag, but I've got a dinner date with three amazing ladies. 

In the spirit of all things heart-shaped and adorable, this photo, dated back to the wonderfully warm summer of 2010, is an amateur shot of mine.  Quick timing and a steady hand are to thank for this snapshot of the Parisian daredevils who play with fire on a nightly basis at the bottom of the Tour Eiffel on the Champs de Mars. 

 Everything looks better in lights. Enfin, joyeux jour du Saint-Valentin à tous mes amis et mes amours. Je t'adore! 


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  1. Have a lovely time with your friends :) happy valentine's day

  2. The photo is so pretty, love the lights :)

  3. Yes, Paris is love, I hope you had an amazing day with your friends.


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