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Recently, I stumbled across french designer Vahram Muratyan's website, paris versus nyc. His boldly-colored, graph prints are whimsical and always slightly cheeky. As an American in living in Paris, each day brings a new cultural lesson as I navigate the waters of ex-patriate life. Vahram's juxtaposition of French and American icons never fails makes me smile: the humor can only truly be understood by those select few who have called both places home. This particular print of Anna Wintour and Sonial Rykel is my favorite so far!

Part of his success is that each print pulls from a simple theme of everyday life. His choices of pop-culture references and  ability to compare any subject, especially the most common, ordinary aspects of city life, is always represented in a charming graphic that says much more than it's minimalist design might suggest at first glance. For more, check out l'apero, le journal, and the delicious l'obsession


[edit]: my lovely and always freshly striped friend and blogger alerted me to another oh-so appropriate print, before she had seen this post. If that's not a sign of true friendship and mutual understanding, I don't know what is. Check out samedi soir//saturday night.

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  1. I did a post about his works a few months ago, so much talent in one person.

    1. of course you did--always ahead of the trends! i really should go and order his book, i'm already clicked through ALL of his blog posts...i want to see more :)


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