chocolate chaud.

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I was sixteen when I first visited Paris. My francophile parents had planned a two-week long adventure and I was more than happy to tag along. We stayed in a small hotel that served a just-as-small petite dejeuner: a croissant with jam or butter, coffee and either orange juice or hot chocolate. Young, naive, and unaware of calories, I took my chocolate chaud happily, every morning. 

Six years later, I'm still downing chocolate chaud any chance I can get. Any good travel guide book or Parisian-themed blog will mention Angelina's: a famous Parisian maison that refuses to be defined as a tea house or patisserie, but a dining experience. Since 1903, it's been offering delicious and tres chic meals and lies only inches away from the Louvre and the Jardin de Tullieries. 

Over the years, Angelina's has become famous for two specific delicacies: the Mont Blanc pastry, and le chocolate chaud L'Africaine. Paris is currently suffering from a terribly cold winter, so I made a pit stop to enjoy a warm cup of delicious hot chocolate and to enjoy the view. 

Smiling waitresses greet you as you enter into the main hall, covered in gilded decoration and ornate framed mirrors. A strategically placed patisserie bar offers visitors the chance to browse through the many choices while they wait in the inevitably long line that seems to be a permanent fixture at Angelina's

While you can't expect to walk in and be seated immediately, especially on freezing cold days that seem to be made for chocolate chaud, there is the patisserie bar just next door that offers you a chance to browse the goodies while you wait. 

Being the only child/princess/self-absorbed creature that I am, I pretend that the chocolate and gilded A's that atop each treat stand for Alyssa and not Angelina.... 


Angelina's is located at 226 rue de Rivioli, 75001. Metro: Tulleries. 

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  1. OMG! That place is a dream, a yummy dream that calls me.

  2. This has made me very hungry, indeed.


  3. Beautiful! I'm stopping by via A Cup of Jo, I saw your comment on her post about French parenting and had to drop by. Newly following you! xoxo, e

  4. I found you via comment on French parenting post..I kept reading what you shared and by the time I got to the post you did ~"Focus" and the referal to Jeff Goin's article,
    you had me completely as a admirer, new follower and added you to my blogrol. Thank you for your honesty, looking forward to hear all about your sharings..
    kind regards
    Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  5. Oh my, everything looks delicious! Great photos. :)

  6. Somehow I never went to Angelina's when I lived in Paris but I always walked past it. I have heard manyyy stories about their chocolat chaud :) But I love the recipe my French friend gave me for her chocolat chaud maison - milk, a bar of dark chocolate, a bit of cream, cinnamon, vanilla, and her secret ingredient...a few crushed pieces of a clementine! It's amazing!


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