franchement françaises

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Two months of living in Paris has turned me into a jumbled, unorganized mess! Without my camera as documentation, I may have no record of what I've been up to in the city. In an attempt to share some of my more successful snapshots of city life, I'm declaring Sunday night to be a weekly wrap-up of sorts, entitled franchement françaises: the five most favorite elements of my week. Enjoy! 

Monday. Chinese New Year was celebrated with an annual parade and musical performances in the 13e arrondissement, where boldly colored signs where printed in both Chinese and French, wishing all a happy & healthy 2012. What better way to celebrate than with fireworks and balloons?

Tuesday. Valentine's Day in Paris called for dinner and drinks with some lovely friends at a fun restaurant nearby. Understandably, the conversation quickly turned to jewelry after spotting this new turquoise ring. 

Wednesday. A friend was in town for work and as it was her first visit to Paris, I felt compelled to introduce her to our most famous resident: Mona Lisa herself. 

Thursday. After struggling through three days of cooking, cleaning and children, it is always nice to look forward to coffee + cookies at the au pair meet-up.

Friday. Beautiful weather calls for a lunch outside, preferably perched upon colorful chairs, like these ones I stumbled across while wandering one of my favorite areas, the Marais.


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  1. SO jealous that you're in Paris! Love your blog! Had to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award -

  2. I'm totally enjoying your blog! I tend to lurk, not comment, but I'm trying to break that habit. Looks like fun times. :)


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