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"Treats and snoozin', snoozin' and treats." Marcel the Shell sums up my two favorite activities, but failed to mention my third: shopping. Specifically, shopping for accessories which more times than not are dipped in sequins, glitter or painted in a painfully shade of fuchsia. Guys don't get my style but girls ages 4-12 really, really do. 

Rounding out my top five favorite activities are glitter and all-things-French. When I stumbled across the handbag company, Deux Lux, I was instantly obsessed. O-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. One look at their online site had me wondering, a. how many sequins they had to bulk-order each month, and b. how I could get my hands on a bag of my own.

A hop over to my favorite site,, (or as I call it, google for clothes) informed me of a mega-sale at Nordstroms on the Felix duffle. To me, it's a mix between the texture and shape of A. Wang's uber-popular Rococo bag, but instead of the Hot-Topic-esque studded bottom, it's been dipped in sequins. Parfait. 

I love it; I bought it. It's getting shipped to America. We'll get it to Paris, somehow.

Following my erratic rush to order one of my own, I did a little more research into Deux Lux and found out two even more charming facts: the company is run by a mother-daughter design team who use animal-friendly materials (go #textiles) and who recognize the value of glitter.

Side note: bloggers all over the Pinterest are going ape-sh*t for this tote which was featured in O Magazine's favorite things. Ugh. If you think you're too cool for that, you should still consider checking out their facebook page where they're offering up a 35% discount code as a celebration of reaching 2,000 fans. Whattadeal. 

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  1. LOVE this bag. And marcel the shell is my favorite thing ever. xo

  2. Wow! This is a really beautiful bag, amazing.

  3. Uhhh that bag is so coooool! We don't have a hot topic here, though. Waaaah


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