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My plane ticket to Paris is booked and I leave on the first of January. Crazy. In a semi-organized attempt to ask for travel-related products for Christmas, I've compiled a bunch of things I'll need to survive the mean streets of the 16th arrondissement. 

1. Every fashion blogger seems to own one of these YSL arty rings and I'll admit to wanting one myself. I love this green & gold combination. 

2. After having lost my SmartTrip card at least 3 times this week, it's time for me to trash my slide wallet in favor of a big-girl wallet. I love the color of this double-clasp version from Hobo International. 

3. Did you know the French don't have to-go cups? It's tragic. If I'm going to be taking care of multiple children everyday, I will need instant access to caffeine at all times. This patterned mug might make the French reconsider their aversion to taking their coffee on the go. 

4. Pencil eyeliner is too tricky for my shaky hands, but I find that Tarte eyeliner gel is super easy to apply and comes with a brush that helps you create the perfect line.

5. To-do lists have become my only source of motivation to be productive; pink pens make those lists so much prettier and more fun to write up. 

6. Cold Paris winters call for sophisticated leather gloves and the zipper detail on these are adorable!

7. By now you know how much I love all things animal print especially when they come in pink unnatural shades like this awesome navy/magenta combo. I'm convinced that Rebecca Minkoff makes the perfect accessories. 


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  1. exciting! what are you going to be doing in Paris? I'm very jealous!

  2. haha yes I agree, seen this ring so many places :) Love it! oooohh Paree!! So exciting!! can't wait for your pics and posts :) Tres magnifique!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog dear! Gorgeous blog! I'm your new follower :) Hope you can follow back too.
    Monica xx

  3. So jealous that your going to paris! & you'll be there for new years :)

    I love your pins!

  4. paris for new years?! lucky you!! jealous is all i have to say :-)

  5. As a recent expat with a SmartTrip card still in my wallet, I'm happy to have stumbled upon your blog! And weirdly enough, I'll be spending NYE in Paris as well. Those gloves are amazingly chic and totally necessary. Following now and looking forward to reading more about your adventures!


  6. How exciting that you're leaving for Paris so soon! I can just imagine the funny looks you'll get when you bring that fun cup into cafes. I'm staying stateside but I want one too! And I think that YSL ring is usually in c/o of the Vogue influencers network and that's why so many bloggers have them but I could be wrong.

  7. nice picks!!!
    I definitely want this lovely coffe cup!
    Have a happy weekend!!!


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