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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Last minute holiday preparations of shopping, baking, and drinking have kept me very busy and away from my blog longer than I would care to admit. Finally, I'm back with a few snapshots of our family's Christmas tree and a few of my favorite ornaments. {This year saw the addition of two new French-themed ornaments-- gifted to me by a lovely and thoughtful co-worker!}

One of my most favorite textile-themed ornaments is this jewel-toned tassel. 

I could not resist snapping a picture of a third-grade craft project: a glitter picture frame hanging next to a new mini-snow globe with my name printed on it! 

Our family loves classic Disney films--we've had this Simba & Nala set in our collection years before we adopted our cat of the same name. Call it fate if you will, but they have their own space on the lower level branches so that the two can see eye-to-eye. 

For the father who has everything, and loves all thing musical and Christmas: a set of flying-v guitar ornaments from Restoration Hardware. I earned major points in high school for finding this particular one--which still gets first pick on the tree. 

Lastly, the pièce de résistance: an a eiffel tower ornament and beaded fleur de lys! Not only do these two reflect my love of all things French, my upcoming move to Paris and my intense love of glitter,  these both have a vintage feel to them that look great on our Douglas Fir tree. 

Are their any new decorations you've stumbled upon this year? Please share!


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  1. I love the eiffel tower ornament. So cute :)

  2. loving that tassel ornament!


  3. Great photos... I love looking at everyone's trees and their different ornaments!

    XO, Liza


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