friday find: red tweed blazer

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 This might be my favorite Friday Finds post, ever! Not only do I have an insanely great Friday Find, but I've also linked up with the amazing Hannah over at a cup of subtle tea!

She was nice enough to host a December holiday-themed link up, where I've posted a a tutorial on making a paper maiche christmas tree! Make sure to check out her blog--she's an amazing and talented crafter with a great eye and inspirational blog posts. My favorite? Her adorable scrabble-themed Christmas cards! Make sure you hop on over and check out her blog! 
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My blog is concerned with many things, but if you had to sum it up in only one sentence, it would be as follows: how to look more French. Rifling through the racks of blazers this past summer, I found this red striped top at one of my favorite shops. It fulfills the key requirements of any good Parisian jacket: Short? check. Boxy? check. Stripes? check. Bold color? check. 

This number has been hanging in my closet ever since I bought it, patiently waiting to make it's appearance at the appropriate function. Today, this jacket gets its' chance to shine. 

The shape of this jacket is quite classic and the inner lining has a gold chain trim running along the inside, rather Chanel-esque and a fun surprise! The bold color of the jacket matches one of my silk blouses perfectly, so I paired the two together with a simple straight jean. As I'm a sucker for gold jewelry, I added a thrifted chain, which upon further examination seems to be a replica Van Cleef pattern. The front pleat detail on this new favorite blouse features two tiny covered buttons. Très adorable!


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  1. I love this whole outfit! Great find!

  2. You look so comfy and cosy in this outfit , like the red tweed blazer!

  3. the jacket is a great 3rd piece to add to any outfit! I really do like the color red on you! Oh and I love thrifted jewelry too! Well... really I love all jewelry and I love all things thrifted.

    thanks for the comment on my blog, maybe we could follow each other?


  4. i love red for christmas

    thanks for your comment dear

    following you now
    hope we can follow each other


  5. good post!

  6. I love that jacket! What a great collaboration.


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