mona lisa in camelot

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The perks of working at the Smithsonian include a killer staff discount and access to hand-picked staff favorites, including this newly-published novel, Mona Lisa in Camelot. As both an art history lover and an insane Jackie Kennedy fan, I was mildly upset that I hadn't heard about this novel sooner. The story centers around one of her lesser-known accomplishments: negotiating the first American tour of the French-owned Mona Lisa

Those who have been lucky enough to see the painting in person know that it isn't as spectacular as the hype surrounding it: the portrait sits behind a thick pane of plexiglass protection and is less than three feet high. I don't get itInstead, I look forward to delving into the politics behind the art. Plus, Jackie's beaded pink strapless gown {pictured above} is my favorite piece of her White House ensembles, so I'll take that as a sign that this book belongs in my library. 

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  1. That's really cool that you work at the Smithsonian. And of course museum gift shops are my favorite! I've never seen the Mona Lisa but like you I'm far more interested in the politics and history of the painting than the artwork itself. Sounds like an interesting story. Hope it makes it's way under your tree.

  2. That book sounds so good. I've added it to my book list!

  3. Work at the Smithsonian? That is beyond amazing.


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