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Sometimes people ask me what my hobbies are; if their eyes start to glaze over at the first mention of my blog, I resign myself to the fact that I don't have much else to tell them about. But it's whatever makes you happy that matters. 

Happy Friday to all my lovely followers! Here's a reminder that you should be sleeping in. I sure plan on it today, that is, if I get some more posts written up.

IFB, my main bitch blogging info-source recently posted a great article entitled, "20 signs you're a real fashion blogger," and it made me laugh out loud. Good thing I'm not working in a cubicle anymore. I'll openly admit to about 11 of these posts, secretly knowing that the other 9 are just as true. Not sorry. 

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  1. I love blogging as well. Its like putting together a scrapbook of my own life that I can look back on. I love that you don't let anyone bring you down! Love following you, hope you can follow me in the new year!


  2. I want to wish a Happy New Year and all the best in the world. Thank you for being next to me in this amazing blog world.

  3. haha, thanks for sharing!! I hadn't seen this yet. Funny how I've only been blogging for like 6 months and I can't picture myself not doing it!



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