week seven: so pinteresting

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This year will be my first attempt at a big-girl, real-life Secret Santa gift exchange. The friends over at Moss House decided to celebrate this year by drawing names out of a hat and shopping for alcohol each other. Thanks to the tremendous amount of recipes and craft projects on Pinterest, I'm going to giving the best presents ever. Not that it's a competition or anything...

This week's board doesn't exactly fit into our group's budget, so it won't be of any help, sorry guys. Instead, I've decided to go balls-to-the-wall and pin a set of exorbitantly expensive pieces from my wish list. Naturally, this week's theme shall be called, "if Alyssa won the lottery." 

7 picks--a hodgepodge of insanely girly & unattainable things I want to wake up to on Christmas morning. {I don't have high hopes of this coming true, however.}

1. ivory quilted Chanel iPhone case, for the utmost in fashionable phone wear
2. Kenneth Jay Lane Fancy Stone Bib Necklace 
3. lovely heart-shaped sparklers
4. bad-ass Valentino Rock Stud t-strap flats
5. bright neon Cambridge Company 15" satchel
6. Charmed Circle double stone bangles 
7.  Kipling/Style Scrapbook designed camera bag  (sold out EVERYWHERE, i'll just have to settle on adding a gold chain strap to my camera bag and call it a day)
Anyone else playing Secret Santa this year? Feel free to share your picks and shopping list!


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  1. It's okay to dream ;) I am right there with ya! I want that Coach case and I don't even have an iPhone!

  2. Great pins. And all I want are those Valentinos...augh.



  3. Im really excited to by myself a christmas present in the after holiday sales!



  4. That quilted Chanel iphone case is awesome!

    Happy Wednesday!


  5. i can think of so many neat things to pair that necklace with . . . mainly jeans and worn-in t-shirts. it's gorgeous!

  6. I love that chanel Iphone case!



  7. I'm totally drooling over the chanel iPhone case! I want it ;)

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

  8. Wow, the Chanel iPhone case is Amazing=)
    Beautiful blog! I follow you
    Happy Holidays^_^


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