royal wedding in real time.

by - 2:43 AM

3 hours and counting until the royal wedding and everyone here at the White House (our less than-Presidential suite off-campus) is ready to see the gown of the century. That may  be an exaggeration, but by the looks of the massive crowds lined up by Westminster Abbey, we aren't alone. Over the past weeks, Kate's style has been compared to the iconographic fashion of Princess Diana, a natural comparison between to women of grace and classic composure. In my internet browsing I came across this article with both women's most similar fashions. Clearly Kate has replicated some key details of Diana's style, but a classic piece is a classic piece is a classic piece, and this elements all seem like wardrobe stables to me.
Regardless, these serve as great examples for styling and show the perfect balance of refinery and risk-taking.


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