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Last week was the closing of the bizarre collaboration of post-conceptual artists at the Stamp Art Gallery, which was replaced by works by MFA graduate students here at the University of Maryland. Again, it is an exhibition of pieces of different mediums: photography, installations and video monitors are all included.

The most centrally located piece within the gallery is my favorite--a work of plywood two-by-fours stacked upon bare wood saw horses. The bright hue of this stack comes from an ordinary household object: a ball-point pen. Artist Alexander Peace makes a bold statement about the strength of color and his use of a single shade is extreme. I'm most attracted to the natural shading and concentrations of color that are due to the warp and grain of the wood.

I can only imagine how much time this installation took to create, and I am in awe of the artists' ability to think creatively, meshing together fine arts with office supplies.

MIDPOINT runs from April 14th through May 13th and is located at the Stamp Student Union Gallery, at the University of Maryland.

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