optical illusions

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This morning while waiting in a nearly door-busting line for coffee I spotted an Hermes Birkin bag. Less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I did a double take a realized that it was not the beloved "It-bag" but rather, a printed tote inspired by the fashionable purse.

It's not leather--it's a printed canvas tote. The "Together" tote by Thursday Friday is all over teh fashion, written up by loving fans in the New York Times, Glamour Magazine, even Elle and Daily Mail are singing its' praises.

Considering the fact that I will never, ever be able to afford the real thing, I figure these roomy totes are a great alternative, and I'll feel way less bad when a pen explodes in the bottom.

The creative geniuses at Hermes aren't so thrilled, and have sued for copyright infringement. Protecting intellectual property can be difficult in fashion and design, so it will be interesting to see how the case is resolved. Ethical or not, I can't help but entertain the idea of buying one. After seeing one in person I have definite bag-envy. If only I could choose one color!


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