cherry blossoms in the district

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This past weekend I went to the National Cherry Blossom festival in D.C. with some friends. In the true spirit of procrastination I waited until the last day to metro in to see the blossoms, but luckily the universe rewarded me: the Kite Festival had been rescheduled to Sunday, a fun surprise.

The weather was beautiful--a nice change from week of dreary rain--tons of people showed up to enjoy the festivities. Tons of colorful kites and kids were out an about, along with the cutest dogs in all of D.C.

On our way across the National Mall to see the multitude of kites by the Washington Monument we saw a giant tent swathed in pink banners and giant cherry blossom ornaments. Naturally we had to stop, and realizing it was the Performance Stage at the Sylvan Theater, we stuck around to check out a step show. As an uncoordinated dancer, I've always been intrigued and entertained by step shows and this performance was amazing. The team, Step Afrika! was great: energetic, talented, and so friendly. Audience participation was heavily encouraged but I decided against it--for the sake of everyone around me.

Step Afrika! is the official cultural ambassador of Washington, DC, and deservedly so. Their show lasted almost an hour, and was so much fun.

Step Afrika! is group of dancers who tour and teach classes. Read more about them at

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