design discovery: shoe style

by - 8:04 PM

These stunners come from the Fall 2010 Balenciaga collection and captured my attention immediately. The color-blocking and three dimensionality of the stacked heel are particularly interesting. Plus, the unexpected peek of added yellow socks are fun. Overall the aesthetics of the pair are reminiscent of artistic movement of cubism, not only due to the sheer physical elements.

I could not help of be reminded by the work of Pablo Picasso, in particular his work entitled, Guitars, dated from 1913.

I love the bright teal background which always reminds me of a close friend who always chooses teal, when given the option. The deep brown color of the curved pattern mirrors the dark leather of the shoe.

While both are out of my price-range, these distinct pieces show the relationship between fashion and art, not always acknowledged.

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