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For the past few months, I have been working in the Development Department of the Textile Museum, located in Washington, D.C. Among other things, I am responsible for organizing  the after-hours events and receptions for our exhibitions, most recently I was put in charge of contacting local vendors and environmentally friendly corporations in search of specialized products that might echo our latest exhibition, Green: the Color and the Cause. During my search to find "green" products, I stumbled across some pretty sweet, Mother Earth-loving products.

Leafware, a company that produces dinnerware from fallen leaves, prides themselves on creating products that can be completely composted and return to the ground. No glues, no dyes, no nothing--just good old heat pressing and sterilization. When you're done, just drop them on the ground and let nature take its' course. Their natural production results, "range from whites and pearls to light beiges, browns with natural grains and silver strains running through them." I can't decide what I love more, the fact that this company takes the new trend of being "green" as literally as possible, or that they make novelty shaped plates: hearts included.

Closer to home, I came across the deliciousness of SweetGreen, a chain of salad-bar/yogurt shop combos that have spread throughout the DC/Metro area. (They've even cashed in on the food truck trend.) I've passed the Dupont Circle location countless times as, in a hazy early morning daze, I exit onto 19th street instead of the correct choice of Q Street. I decided to finally check it out this past Thursday, and I was happy to learn that the Stonyfield frozen yogurt was as delicious as it looked. The fact that I was able to bypass the uber-long salad line so my sugar rush was made better by their toppings offerings: among them, dark chocolate and coconut. Naturally, when the cashier asked if I would be interested in a frequent member card, I could barely contain my excitement. I grabbed a window seat and documented all the healthy-awesome goodness.

It was the perfect addition to a sunny day in Dupont Circle, the beginning of my much-needed weekend and a delicious healthy treat.

Green: the Color and the Cause, opens at the Textile Museum on April 16th. Located at 2320 S Street NW, the Textile Museum is a hop, skip and jump away from the Dupont Circle metro. The opening reception will be the Friday prior, April 15th from 7-9pm where vistors are encouraged to tour the newly installed exhibition, and meet with the international artists who multi medium pieces reflect the influence of the color on their understanding of green art production. My favorite piece is a fiber art piece representing the New Jersey watershed.

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