design discovery: soda machines

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Another Thursday discovery was made off of Connecticut Avenue, at BGR: the Burger Joint.
In the mood for decadent, over-the-top burgers to bring us back to life, we ended up at this fucky, music-themed restaurant and made the best discovery of the week: a futuristic soda machine with every flavor imaginable. 

The touchscreen was a surprise to me, and I ogled over the amount of choices, until I realized this was only the first of many screen selections.

My beloved Diet Coke was hiding a few more tricks up its' robotic-sleeves. I was boring and stuck with plain, but did sip on some Peach-flavored goodness. I wasn't brave enough to commit to 32 ounces of it though.

I was so intrigued by this contraption and a bit of internet research informed me that it was actually a 2009-dated invention, the Coca-Cola "Freestyle" with over 100 flavor choices.

Check out the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine at
Cure your hangover with a customized burger order at BGR burger, 1514 Connecticut Avenue, NW.

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