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Having friends in advertising means you're often the least cool person in the room: they're always one (two) steps ahead of you in the latest trends. One friend in particular likes to show me strange YouTube videos of '90s French rap  music, unknown stand-up comedians, and cool vintage movie mash-ups. For the last few weeks, I've been in awe of his ability to stay current with the most-awesome things on the internet.

That is, until today. 

Devour is responsible for about 90% of the cool things he knows about, and I have a feeling it will be the responsible 90% of the time I waste on my computer. Curated by humans with generally awesome taste in videos and way too much time on their hands, Devour is somewhat like a video-only Tumblr dashboard that manages to stay highly selective with it's posts. (Read: not shit.)

My top-three favorites:

Coffee stain portrait, which only reiterates the fact that caffeine can accomplish great things.

The amazingly-creative fresh guacamole, which despite using non-edible objects, looks delicious.

Modernly-retro advert: our blades and f*cking great reminds me of every '80s-inspired commercial, with a cute CEO and a single-shot recording.

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