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Everyone knows that immersing yourself fully in a French-speaking household of five, yes--five, children is the quickest way to improve your language skills. Sure, I could have made the same amount of progress with two-less kids, but when you go for something, you go all the way.

Regardless of the size of the family, the arrondissement or the language proficiency, there are 10 key phrases that every au pair uses daily. Personally, each day brings a new mini-lesson or two on proper pronunciation, the gender of words or word placement. Preemptively, I constantly review my words in French to ensure that the kids understand my sentiments, but after two months, I have 10 phrases down. 

In ascending order of importance. 

A table.*  
To the table! 


Veux-tu ton goûter?* 
Do you want a snack? 

Ne dites à ta mère
Don't tell your mom. 

Je suis dans la WC! 
I'm in the bathroom!

Soie gentil! 
Be nice! 

Vien, maintenant. 
Come here, now. 

Est-ce que c'est sale ou c'est propre? 
Is clean or dirty? 

Où est la nutella?* 
Where is the Nutella? 

Ça suffit! 
That's enough! 

* marks Food-related phrases. Kids love food. 


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