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After 20-some odd years of despising them, I've finally come around to appreciating eggs for their simplicity & health benefits. In the past, I've struggled to accept their bizarre consistancy and honestly-- the fact that they're grown within their own package. The ebb and flow of this love/hate relationship is finally turning a corner, so much so that I've begun to keep a regular supply on the top shelf in my fridge.

French eggs usually come in open-topped plastic cartons, perfectly contoured to fit their cargo, and much more durable than the cardboard versions found in America. Somewhere in between trips to the grocery store, flea market hunting and window shopping the fancier home decor stores of the 1eme, I encountered the French (read: pretty) storage solution to my latest food addiction: a porcelain egg box. 

Part of me is drawn to the country-fresh, classic white porcelain trays that would be the perfect addition to my French kitchen. The other part of me, really loves the grandeur and Versailles-level extravagance  of owning a gilded egg carton. It may be completely unnecessary, but I'll justify owning one by reminding myself pretty kitchen items will improve my perspective on having to cook my own meals.

With my newly discovered diet staple comes a new favorite style of preparation. I've been really enjoyed into poached eggs: when done well, the yolk has the perfect consistency. They aren't easy to do, especially on mornings when I've hit the snooze-button twice too many and lack the extra prep time to set up my tools.

Many a poached egg has been ruined in my kitchen due to a lack of proper tools. Really, there is only one crucial element: the egg cup-slash-strainer. The concept of poached eggs: cooking a liquid within a dish of another liquid seems utterly insane--you're gonna need some help.

Any basic kitchen + home decor store will have something to suit you, for those of you in Paris, hop over to my new favorite kitchen store: Alice Delice. It falls under the category of over-priced kitchen gadgets, but the staff is friendly and the selection is great. I can't afford to buy more than one or two things at a time, but I always end up finding something I didn't realize I really needed. 

This pocheuse à oeuf individuelle looks like a footed Victorian bathtub, and you can't put a price on that kind of fanciness. Just kidding, you totally can, and it's under 10€. 


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  1. You are very pretty!

  2. I love making poaches eggs! And I'm just starting to get into eggs too...


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