le petit prince

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Geographically Paris is a tiny city with an overwhelming number of inhabitants, forcing pretty young American girls to find housing wherever they can, even if that means calling a 9.5 square meter room, with no toilet, home.

In a city of over two million people, it quite impossible to pinpoint one thing that everyone loves, besides coffee and baguettes. All my friends think the coffee here is shit, so go figure. In my travels I've only found one solid, common thread that runs through the hearts and minds of all French people, and that is the literary genius of Le Petit Prince. Antoine St. Exupery's story is a classic tale that has inspired themed restaurants from Paris to D.C.,  and the endearing image of Le Petit Prince is plastered all over coffee mugs and postcards, notepads and teeshirts.

I'm convinced that the oxymoron of a "charming souvenir" can only be found in petit prince themed knick knacks among a seas of other wise tacky, bedazzled sweatshirts and tote bags that are sold in the tourist shops throughout Paris.

As with my other literary love, Harry Potter, Le Petit Prince has been translated into many different languages and features a wide range of colorful cover art. I always enjoy comparing the unique interpretations of the story and see how different cultures idealize our hero.


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  1. that's fucking crazy, i have that book, wtf is was the first french book i got given to read from my gf. also, yes, the coffee here sucks.


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