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Reaching the 12-month mark of living in Paris inspired me to switch over all my electronics from English/American-based in favor of full-blown French.

Making the transition from an Anglophone iTunes store to one in French offers a world of new podcasts. December marks the end of my 'probationary period' here and with fluency so close within my reach, I've taken it upon myself to immerse myself completely through French podcasts for native speakers.

Oddly enough, Le College de France offers complete lectures of a various range of subjects including the History of Perfume. { So, so cool. }

Proving yourself to be a true French speakers is difficult, and the test is often won or lost due to the ability to understand and use slang! The search to improve my knowledge of idioms, l'argot and verlan led me to a hilarious { English-explained } podcast, katia and kyliemac. Once a week, this duo of Anglophones pick out obscure, useful phrases and break it down for textbook-taught French speakers.

Even better, the ladies analyze each phrase for appropriateness in certain settings: when speaking with children, colleagues, bosses, and in-laws. In addition, they offer crucial tips on proper pronounciation. { Forgot the "t" in "chat" or you will be sorry. }

 Short and sweet. Funny and practical. In under ten-minutes, you'll learn something new. Voici your new defense again boredom on the métro in 128 podcasts. 


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